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one of my worst day in college

2008-09-14 13:20:13 by dirtymac123

when i was in college i was studying in the exam cuz its almost test then one of our school ''bullies'' atomic weggied me then they had a razor then dropped me then he kicked me and i dont know wat happened that next then i looked into the mirror then i hav so many cuts in my face and in my body then i went to the principal's office then reported it then after that day he returned to me they said give me ur money!then i said no!then my classmates looked at me then he locked me in my locker!i cant breathe there i dont know wat happened there then when i woke up i went to the mirror then the cuts were gone!then i woke up its only a dream!then i came face to face with him i punched him in the face!then said ur not the boss around here!then the principal saw me then put me into detention the that was the ONE of my worst moments in college


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2008-09-14 13:29:54

......... I wasn't aware colleges had detention.....

dirtymac123 responds:

yes there is in our college


2008-09-15 19:03:31

OMG I LOVE NARUTO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry about collage...That sucks.

dirtymac123 responds:

Hey me 2 i luv naruto (especially when he turns into sexy jutsu ^_^)thx for the comment!


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